Consultant Sajitha mam was really amazing. I loved the treatment given by her. Special thanks to PG Students. They care about the treatment & took care about me very nicely. Udwarthana, massage therapist specially from Manipur & and Kerala guys are really professional & Kind. Special thanks to Rohit (Brother), who is really good and takes good care of patients. All other room cleaning staffs are good.
Karthik Prabhu
Environment in hospital was good. Never Saw such a wonderful & peaceful environment in Naturopathy. Dr. Sneha Nagilla, the way she treats the patient is awesome. Dr. Vikasini is also too good in explaining the things. Intern Dr. Sidharth & Yashwanth are very helpful and are very patience in helping to patient. Especially, to talk about Therapist ‘Arup’, the way he does the treatment is awesome. Nursing staff are very caring, used to fulfil customer needs on time and regular checks BP, Oxygen, Pulse.
Lalan Anil Kumar
Dr. Rucha Sarangi (very prompt & responsive), Mahalakshmi (sister) who was very helpful. I enjoyed the hospitality provided and I also appreciate the professional outlook of the staff.
Anirudh Natarajan Raja
I had very peaceful stay here. Made me feel lighter, cleaner inside. Reduced 3.5 kilos in one week. Took adequate precautions for all the procedures “ vamana” was conducted very well. There were 12 members supporting and observing me, I felt extremely well taken care. Nurses – Compassionate, kind, smiling, soft spoken, timely checks. Rooms are well ventilated. Plumbers, carpenter attend to issues promptly.
Chaya Venkatkrishnaiah
Everyone is doing stellar job, special mention to Dr Arif, Dr Akash and Dr Aditi, Thanks to Baijanathji and other cleaning staff
Krishna Satani
Behavior of therapists and nurses is very polite, kind and considerate, Dr Sneha is polite and considerate.
Rashmi B N
Housekeeping & nursing services are very good. Doctors & Duty Doctors are good
Dhanalakshmibai R
The Nursing staff is really good and very cooperative. The Therapists too are very patient and skilled at their jobs.
Joshika Dixit
Just wanted to say thanks for taking care of me at the hospital. Your medical and non-medical staff has been outstanding, I have nothing but praise for them. I think it is up to leadership. My congratulations to you and your staff. Please convey my message to the people concerned, thanks.
Dr. Mahajan
Dr. Sweta Tyagi & Dr. Gopalkrishna are very good. All Reception staff & canteen staff are good.
Hannah Sard
I like the atmosphere of the hospital & food also. Housekeeping service is very good. Doctors were so responsive & kind.
Hats off to Dr. Akhilesh & Dr. Sweta Tyagi for their dedication to job & amicable treatment with patients having human touch.
Ashok Kumar Tripathy
The Therapies was very good, relaxing. Doctors, Duty Doctors, Nurses, Cleaning, Billing services are all excellent.
Bharathi V G
Less cost, good treatment. Behavior of staff is good. Wonderful environment.
Ashwin at the Reception & Billing counter was very cooperative & helpful, very professional as well. Great team of hospital. This service is True service.
Vijayalatha N
The Nursing station, Housekeeping was very supportive & helpful. Appreciate the hard work.
Jayanti Salgotra
Yes! Would like to thank all the departments for excellent service, Iam extremely happy with the are provided, would like to especially appreciate went above and beyond to help with my needs.
Kalpana Samanthpndi
Kati Basti was very good & the person from Assam who gave the treatment is very good. Even though they don't know the language (Kannada) still communicate very well.
Staff and Employee are very much co-operative & overall experience is good. We will come back again.
Richa Surekha
Recently, I had an opportunity to go have treatments at the Sri Sri Ayurvedic Hospital in Bangalore. I had a great experience. Dr. Giri Prashanth is one of the best doctors I have ever met. He is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and kind. Overall the service at the hospital is great. It’s a very safe place, quiet, has beautiful views of greenery atop the hill, it’s hygienic and the staff is very friendly. The treatments were tailored to my individual needs. After three weeks I’ve been feeling so light, refreshed, and energetic. I highly recommend this to everyone. My heartiest regards and thanks to all of the staff and especially to Dr. Giri Prashanth.
Saroj Sund, From Canada
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