Pediatrics and Neonatology in Ayurveda

Child care in ayurveda

Kaumarabhritya is the branch of Ayurveda dealing with neonatology and pediatrics. It provides complete child health care with focus on nutrition, immunity and all-round development of children from 0-16 yrs of age.

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(New Born Care Unit)

Our Ayurvedic approach to newborn care includes nourishment, maintenance and protection of the baby through traditional procedures like massage and vedic hymns.
Our well equipped NICU has Radiant Warmer, Phototherapy unit and Baby Incubator for management of asphyxiated, pre-term & low birth weight babies.

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(Pediatric Panchakarma)

Panchakarma therapies have been modified, and made suitable for children. Through these, neurological and developmental disorders like cerebral palsy, autism, ADHD, epilepsy, mental retardation, behavioral disorders and learning disabilities; diseases of skin and respiratory system are treated effectively.

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(Vibhaga Pediatric Immunology)

Provides solution for common diseases occurring in children by stabilizing their immune system. Has potential immune boosters including suvarnaprashana for
prevention and management of allergic, infectious and auto-immune disorders.


(Well Baby Clinic)

A comprehensive approach to respiratory diseases like asthma, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, adenoids, tonsillitis, allergic cough, etc, of both acute and chronic phase. Effective ayurvedic immunomodulators are made use of to prevent recurrent chest infections.


(Pediatric Lung Care)

A comprehensive approach to respiratory diseases like asthma, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, adenoids, tonsillitis, allergic cough etc, of both acute and chronic phase. Effective ayurvedic immuno-modulators are
made use of to prevent recurrent chest infections.


(Vibhaga Pediatric Immunology)

Offers an effective ayurvedic treatment for common skin problems like atopic dermatitis, ichthysis, psoriasis, diaper rash etc.

Highlights of Kaumarabhritya (Pediatric Care)

• All type of Developmental assessment including IQ assessment, Autism screening is done.
• Internet Gaming disorder – an emerging challenge to growing children – Screening and intervention is done
• Psychosomatic disease which are increasing enormously – Autism, ADHD, other developmental disorder have no medicinal remedies in modern system of medicine. Such cases are handled successfully with amazing results
• Auto immune diseases like Juvenile rheumatoid and rheumatic disease, autoimmune skin disease are treated.
• Traditional method of newborn care to fasten the processes of development and to prevent future neurological disorders in infants
• Specialized pediatric Panchakrama unit also Specialized division for endocrinal disorders like hyper and hypothyroidism,
hypogonadism are given palliative line of treatment along with dietetic advice

Sri Sri Suvarnaprashana

Immunomodulator and IQ Builde

Suvarnaprashanam is one of the comprehensive immunizer mentioned in Ayurveda. It is a safe Ayurvedic combination which is beneficial for normal growth and development of children. It is prepared with pure gold in its bio-available form and other Ayurvedic Immuno-modulators and brain tonics.

The medicine is given on the day of Pushya Nakshatra of every month
to impart greater efficacy

Sri Sri Suvarnaprashana art of living

Administering Sri Sri Suvarnaprashana regularly from birth to 10 years of age bestows excellent benefits.

• Increases immunity
• Increases intelligence
• Improves speech, hearing and visual acuity
• Improves digestion and tones up skin color
• Improves memory, span of attention, concentration and learning ability
• Prevents common recurrent infections, asthma and other allergic conditions
• Reduces temper tantrums, attention deficits, bedwetting and other Neuro psychosomatic problems

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Sri Sri Suvarnaprashana package includes two formulations as prescribed by Acharya Kashyapa, the father of Ayurvedic pediatrics.

Formulation 1: Sri Sri Suvarnaprashana drops that are administered on the day of Pushya Nakshatra of every month.

Formulation 2: It comprises of different powder combinations along with Suvarna in its bioavailable form for different age groups of children. This is for daily administration along with ghee and honey to boost up the cell mediated immunity in the child.

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Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Divyasri R.A

Professor, Kaumarabhritya

B.A.M.S, MD (Kaumarabhritya), Consultant Ayurveda Child Specialist, Specialized in new born care through Ayurveda, treatments of development disorders, Psychosomatic disorders, etc. with more than 12 years of experience pediatric care through Ayurveda.

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