Ozone Therapy

A powerful combination of Oxygen and Ozone as a preventive tool, treatments to chronic ailments and overall rejuvenation.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone Therapy is a very powerful tool to overcome or correct this chronic oxidative stress. It stimulates the body’s anti oxidative enzymes to fight the bombardment of ROS It helps mop the toxins (detoxification).

Ozone therapy is safe, simple and painless. Ozone can not be given directly through the nose like oxygen. Exact measured quantities of Ozone gas are administered through the rectum as an enema, vagina, eardrums, mixed in blood or saline infusions. Ozone gas and ozonated oils are also applied over the affected parts and ulcers for quick healing. Each treatment takes only a few minutes. No anaesthesia is required and patients can talk cheerfully during the treatment. These sessions are given two or three times weekly for a total of about 15 to 20 sittings.

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Key Highlights of Ozone Therapy

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Diseases Treated With Ozone Therapy

Open leg ulcers, bed sores and burns are successfully treated by Ozone in practically all cases. Clinical studies have shown that even very severe cases improve with Ozone.

Ozone Therapy gives very good results in arterial circulatory disorders characterized by sensation of heaviness and coldness and/or pains in the legs, especially while walking. (Well known as smoker’s leg or intermittent claudication) Ozone Therapy has avoided amputation in large number of cases.

Ozone shows general revitalizing capacity (including nerve and brain functions). Therefore, it can be successfully used for poor concentration, forgetfulness, general reduction in mental and physical performance, insecurity in walking (balancing problems) and clinical dizziness or vertigo. Elderly people generally experience a feeling of well being and improved quality of life!

Ozone is used improve weak eye sight due to age related retinal detachment.

Inflammatory condition of the large intestines and small intestines, fistulas and proctitis (inflammation of the rectum) – many such unpleasant and inconvenient conditions are favorably treated by Rectal Insufflation of Ozone.

A series of clinical trials has shown good results of Ozone treatment in painful, viral conditions like herpes and hepatitis. Ozone Therapy reduces the duration of the diseases heals more efficiently and patient is back to his normal state of well-being in short time.

Ozone Therapy, in these conditions, causes pain and inflammation to subside. Repeated treatment may even produce permanent restoration.

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