Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science & Research Hospital

Shalakya Tantra

Deals with the treatment of diseases of head, ear, nose, eye and throat including their anatomy, physiology and pathology. This discipline finds a parallel in the modern disciplines of Ophthalmology, E.N.T. & Dentistry.



Oral cavity is abode to germs and infections. For prevention, protection and curing of various oral cavity disorders like recurrent stomatitis, foul breath, periodontitis, dental caries, gingivitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis etc. Srimukha offers:

  • Gandoosha
  • Kavalagraha



In today’s era when ear is exposed to varied sound pollution, deafness is seen even in young. For prevention & management of various ear diseases like deafness, tinnitus, otitis, wax etc. Srikarna offers:

  • Karnapurana
  • Karnadhoopana
  • Karnaprakshaalana



Pollution playing a very pivotal role in the manifestation of various allergic disorders of nose like allergic rhinitis, for prevention & management of various nasal disorders like DNS, rhinitis, sinusitis, polyps etc. Srinaasa offers:

  • Nasya
  • Dhoomapana



Offers excellent & effective treatment for various types of headaches like migraine, sinusitis, trigeminal neuralgia, refractive headaches etc. through Shodhana especially Nasya & other treatments like Shirodhara, Shiropichu, Shirobasti etc. along with internal medicines.

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