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The Swaasthya Rakshana Department has taken up the preventive and curative aspect of Body health. The strategy for complete body care in the form of diet and yoga etc.

  • YOGA : Various postures which will help to improve our body and mind for a healthy life. For the management of Blood circulation, Obesity, Insomnia, etc.
  • SOUNDARYA : The management of skin and hair health with Ayurveda tradition.
  • MANAGEMENT OF KESHA SHATHANA : Controlling hair fall through adequate nutrition and special hair care.
  • DANDRUFF TREATMENT : Management of dandruff with internal medication, external treatment with selected oils.
  • Preventing ageing and maintaining a healthy skin to curing skin problems, is as follows :                                                                                          SHODHANA (Detoxification) : To remove out the accumulated toxins in the body.                                                                                           SHAMANA : This includes certain internal medications for Blood Purification.