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Deals with the state of health and the regimens to be followed to keep oneself healthy such as dinacharya (daily routine), ritucharya (seasonal routine), diet and its significance in healthy and diseased condition, sadvrtta (moral codes) and yoga. In general, it deals with the concept of social and preventive medicine.

Thala podichil

shiro lepa
A unique way to reduce the tension, an essential prerequisite for healthy skin.


Thaila / Thakra dhara
To enhance mental ability and assure good sleep.

Sun tan removal

To remove the tan acquired by exposure to sun.


To reduce physical strain and mental stress

Shashtika anna lepa

To nourish & tone the skin


Special care for foot related problems in an ayurvedic way.

Under eye circle removal

Special treatment modality to combat the sad eye syndrome.

Pada abhyanga

A unique way to relieve mental stress by massaging the foot with medicated oil.


Keeping 7 layers of cotton cloth dipped in oil to reduce the tiredness of all special senses.

Management of kesha shathana

Controlling hair fall through adequate nutrition and special hair care.

Dandruff treatment

Management of dandruff with internal medication, external treatment with selected oils.

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