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 Becoming a mother is the most important phenomenon in a woman’s life and childbirth is the most precious event. Thus a pregnant woman has to be given special care throughout the pregnancy to ensure the perfect health of her baby and herself which is rightly done with SUPRAJA – a complete protocol for maternal care.

  • Advice on preconceptional regimen through “ANKURA”?

Every couple expects their child to be healthy, strong and wealthy. For this they provide them with good education, food and other developmental entities.
But all these are mere external factors and real mystery lies at the time of conception which decides your progeny.
Ankura offers:

  • Specific regimen to be followed by the couple before conception.
  • Rituals for the desired child.
  • Counseling and advice on month wise regimen to be followed after conception, for the pregnant lady including month wise pregnancy kit,
    diet regimen and required medication.
  • Certain special Ayurvedic procedures to be done on 8th month onwards which help in proper and peaceful delivery.
  • Post natal care including post natal kit and newborn kit.
  • Counseling.

SSCASRH, a highly specialised Ayurvedic hospital, attached to the Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research, is an initiative of the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir Trust.

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