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Streeroga and prasuthi tantra

Prasuti tantra deals with pregnancy, labour and puerperium. It finds its parallel in the modern discipline of obstetrics. Streeroga deals with management of diseases manifesting specially in women. The discipline of streeroga & prasuti tantra finds a parallel in the modern disciplines of obstetrics and gynecology.



Management of menarche

Menarche is the time of first onset of menstruation. Pallava means a flowering bud. As a bud progresses from budding to flowering stage it requires a special care to attain the ultimate blossom. Similarly a girl child has to be given a special care to attain those primary changes in the body smoothly and gracefully which is effectively done with the help of Ayurveda. It helps to attain ultimate reproductive health and prepares the system for healthy progeny.

  • Counseling.
  • Dietary advice.
  • Internal medication and certain formulations for perfect reproductive health.
  • Medication to combat menstrual disorders.



Infertility cure program for both men and women

Every human being is bestowed with the power to give birth to a new life. Due to some factors this natural process of reproduction is hampered.
It brings about the hope and fulfillment of the desire for a healthy progeny.

  • Panchakarma and internal medications to ensure utmost reproductive health.
  • Advice on preconceptional measures.
  • Guidance on diet & lifestyle.
  • Mantra chanting.
  • Counseling.



Management of menopause

Menarche and menopause are the two unique stages in the life of a woman where one embarks the transformation of a girl into a woman and the other signifies the successful completion of one’s reproductive period. Thus a menopausal woman should be enabled to successfully imbibe those changes occurring to her body and mind.

  • Panchakarma and internal medications to attain smooth transition and great health in the years to come.
  • Rasayana, a rejuvenating therapy to increase the rasa dhatu.
  • Advice on diet, lifestyle and counseling.
  • Provision of a customized month wise kit depending on the individual requirement.

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