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‘Sushrutha’ a surgeon who lived in India in 500 BC, is considered as the ‘Father of Surgery’ even today. Sushrutha Samhitha, his text on surgery, deals with etiopathogenesis, signs, symptoms and management of surgical diseases. Proctology is also dealt with, in great detail along with its management. It is practiced even today as it is minimally invasive, causes less injury, less pain and has the least recurrence rate.

Kshara chikitsa, a specialized treatment mentioned in Sushrutha Samhita is a great contribution by Sushrutha in the management of ano-rectal diseases. Mooladhara offers a complete treatment in ano–rectal diseases.

This center is dedicated to treat high level of anal fistula, complicated recurrent fistula and recurrence after surgical excision, anal fissure complicated pilonidal sinus, internal piles, external piles, rectal prolapse, bleeding piles and papilla, hypertrophied papilla etc through kshara sutra, agnikarma and Sushrutha’s kshara karma by “Pervaje technique”.

Bhagandara Chikistsa

Anal fistula
An alkaline thread is passed through anal fistulous tract and changed every week, so that it helps in curettage and healing of tract without leaving an ulcer. This tract may have to be excised sometimes by putting four kinds of incisions.


Nadi Vrana Chikitsa

pilonidal sinus
After passing a probe into the tract, direction or course of the tract is assessed. Kshara sutra (alkaline thread) is then passed into the tract, which is changed at specific intervals. This cures the disease without reccurence and no excision is required.


Arsha Chikitsa

Alkaline paste is to be applied on pile mass for a specific time. It will turn to black color within few seconds. The mass will slough out completely without leaving residual stump.


Sanniruddha Guda Chikitsa

anal stricture, hypertonic anal sphincter
Sushrutha says that in such conditions, anal canal should be dilated using appropriate sized tubular or rod like instruments, with adequate lubrication at specific intervals. If it does not respond, an incision has to be put on anal ring laterally avoiding midline.


Charma Keela Chikitsa

warts, papilla, skin tags, polyps etc.
It should be cauterized by agnikarma or it may be excised.

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