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Presented here before u is a case study diagnosed and treated at the IPD of the Dept. of Stri Roga & Prasuti Tantra, Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research Hospital, Bengaluru

Name : Shoba

Age : 25

Occupation : House wife

Chief Complaints : Patient is unable to conceive in marital life of 8years

History of present illness : Patient has no children.

Menstrual cycle – regular

M.C -3-5days/28-30 days

On Examination : Per abdomen – soft

Uterus –normal size,anteverted

Cervix -healthy

L.M.P -1/12/12

Investigations :

Blood group : B +ve

Hysterosalpingography : tube test done

Procedure -back flow

Impression-Right tubal block (+)

-Left tubal block (+)

Hysteroscopy : adviced

Husband’s :

-Semen analysis report : 12/1/12

-Severe Oligoasthenoazoospermia

Treatment :


1)Classical Virechana

2)Yoga Basti

3)Uttara Basti &



# Deepana,pachana

1)Agnitundi vati

2-0-2 for 3days

#Snehapana-Phalakalyanaka ghrita

1st day -40ml 11/12/12

2nd day -80ml 12/12/12

3rd day -120ml 13/12/12

#SABS (Sarvanga abhyanga and Bhaspasweda)-

with Sahacharadi taila for 3days .(14th,15th,16th)

# Virechana-

with Trivrit lehya 40gms(16/12/12)

On discharge adviced

Internal medication

1)Sukumara kashaya

2)Aloes Compound

3)Tb Shatavari

4)Phalasarpi 1month

After next menstrual cycle

Planned for yoga basti:

Niruha basti –Dashamoola ksheera kashaya

Anuvasana basti –Dhanvantaram mezhupaka

On discharge 13/1/13 advised

Internal medication

1)tab Coligo 1-1-1 for 2days

2)tab Aloes compound 1-1-1 (A/F)

3)Sukumara kashaya 2tsp -0-2tsp with 4tsp water(B/F)

4) Ashwagandha lehya – 2tsp at bed time with milk

5)Phalakalyanaka ghritha- 2tsp on empty stomach in the morning

Avoid spicy food for 1week

* Uttara basti

With Narayana taila on 21/1/13

L.M.P – 26/2/13

On 2/3/13 – adv HSG

On 4/3/13 – HSG reports(after treatment)

-fallopian tubes patent

-spillage +

-No back flow


Virechana therapy removes pitta , kapha dosas and vata dosas.
Obstructing dosa kapha is removed and vata dosa that gets obstructed
by kapha dosa is also cleared off by virechana.

According to Susrutha samhita uttarasthana, In all gynecologic
disorders vata is the main cause and to balance it yoga basti is given.

Uttara basti in this case normalizes vata,the yoni retains the garbha
quickly or the women conceives immediately.It also cures severe
vaginal pain,dysmenorrhoea,irregular bleeding and other gynecological

* Dr. Prema I Bhat

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