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Homeopathy offers a gentle cure and treats any problem from the root. The medicines are easy to take with no side effects.
 Homeopathy has shown great results, in the illnesses like :
  • Auto Immune Disorders : Arthritis, Diabetes, Lupus, Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and many more.
  • For Children : It helps in teething, recurring cold and cough, worms, etc.
  • Skin and Hair : Acne, Warts, Vitiligo, Various Eczemas, Various types of Hair Loss.
  • Allergies : Respiratory, Skin or Food related.
  • Female Health : PCOS, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, Leucorrhea, Menopause. 
  • Cancers : Various Cancers and Malignant tumours.
  • Others : Migraine, Piles, Cold, Cough, Anxiety Disorders, Insomnia, Depression, Kidney Stone, UTI, etc.