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Cancer Care

Sri Sri Cancer Care is part of Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital providing special care for the Cancer patients with a holistic approach. We have different protocols for different types of cancer. We also have protocols for reducing the side effects of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. We follow classical Ayurveda treatment methods and we also have techniques and tools for spiritual well being. Diet guidance and lifestyle interventions for the patients are provided. Our Treatment method is suitable for Patients at any stage of cancer.
At Sri Sri Cancer Care, we offer various types of treatments for cancer with our holistic approach in dealing with the disease. Our treatments are formulated and designed to meet overall requirement of a patient for better understanding of the self, the disease, prognosis, rejuvenation, survival and longevity. Cleansing and immunization processes guide through an art of appropriate living that help patients achieve healing and longevity. It also enhances the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of a patient through specific panchakarma treatments which are selected based on patient’s fitness, cancer site and stage. Specially prepared classical ayurveda medicines are used to target cancer cells which also assure no treatment complications or side effects are caused while the patient is on chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
The primary objective of herbal therapies include preventive measures, cancer cell targeted treatments and prevention of recurrence by directly disintegrating the pathological causes like functional reasons, structural reasons and pathological chain as mentioned in classical Ayurveda. Herbal therapy also addresses the disease by enhancing the immune system, reducing the side effects of conventional therapies and enhancing the quality of life during cancer treatment.
Supportive therapies at Sri Sri Cancer Care are preventive, curative, holistic and natural in general sense. These therapies compliment with any other form of cancer care treatment. Due to its natural form and accelerated healing effects, patients are highly benefited in the process of resuming back to normalcy or enhancing the quality of life while under treatment. Considering several medical parameters and stage of cancer, these alternative therapies are recommended.