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Motherhood is a dream of every women. Every married women wishes to experience motherhood. They are unforgettable days in a women’s life which gives her a mixture of experiences like anxiety, pain, happiness, & responsibility. During this period she undergoes many physical & psychological changes.

Ayurveda ensures complete physical, mental, social & spiritual well being of both mother & baby by providing proper medical guidance throughout the course of pregnancy.

Like any other branches of medicine, even Ayurveda had told long back ago about checkups for pregnant lady which is called as ante-natal checkup.

So from the time of conception till the completion of 9 months ( i.e. till full term) , Ayurveda provides complete guidance for mothercare to attain a healthy baby. Proper observance of this guidance can assures safe delivery even today.

Diet During Pregnancy

  • First 3 months we advise madhura(i.e. sweet), sita(i.e. cold), & more drava (i.e. liquid) diet with honey to avoid nausea & vomiting in pregnancy. She had to consume more milk & milk products like Ghrita (i.e. ghee) throughout pregnancy & payasam prepared out of shastika shali is advised.
  • 4th, 5th ,6th mouth (i.e. 2nd trimester)- shastika shali prepared with milk & ghrita is advised.
  • And 6th month onwards, she should be given Gokshura to avoid water retention & other complication which usually occures during 6th month of pregnancy like pedal oedema, etc.
  • Even during 7th, 8th & 9th month ( i.e. 3rd trimester) pregnant lady have to continue same things.
  • Maintenance of personal hygiene & specific water for bathing purpose for pregnant lady is also mentioned in Ayurveda i.e. sarva gandha dravyodaka &amp

ointment of the body with fragrant substances.

  • Listening to soft music to remain calm and happy.
  • She should wear loose fitting & light coloured dress & avoid coloured dresses.


So, by following above said instructions one can assure pregnant lady can go for normal delivery with healthy baby.

So one of such example-

Name of patient-
Age/sex- 25/F

Had come to hospital complaining of vomiting in early morning. A UPT revealed positive pregnancy.

– Advice 1st trimester

  1. To drink pure cow milk
  2. Dairy products
  3. Payasam
  4. Red rice gruel
  5. Curd
  6. Apple, etc fruit juice (avoid papaya)
  7. Cold items


  1. Madiphala rasayana
  2. Shatavari
  3. Dhatri lauha

Maintenance of personal hygiene, anointment of the body with fragrant substance, listening to soft music.

Advice during 5th and 6th month:-

  1. Madiphala rasayana.
  2. Tab. Shatavari.
  3. Dhatri louha.
  4. Dadimadya ghrita.
  5. Shankha vati.
  6. Punarnava mandura.

Advice on 7th month:-

  1. Gokshuradi ghrita.

Advice on 8th month:-

  1. Sukha parasava ghrita.
  2. Abhyanaga with Ashwagandha bala lakshadi taila to abdomen, back & thighs.
  3. Niruha basti.
  4. Anuvasana basti with 30ml yastimadhu taila.

Advice on 9th month:-

  1. Sukhaprasava ghrita.
  2. Abhyanaga with Dhanwantaram + Ashwagandha bala lakshadi taila.
  3. Anuvasana basti with Dhanwantaram taila.

36th week:-

  1. Jeevantyadi ghrita yoni pichu twice a day.

On the day of delivery:-

  • On 16th Aug 2010 ,she came to our hospital at 1:30 am with labour pain.
  • She was given body massage with Dhanwantaram taila after which the root of apamarga was tied to the waist, both arms and legs.
  • Yoni pichu with jeevantyandi ghrita done.
  • Later enema was given.
  • She was made to consume yavagu, a preparation with shastika shali, guda and ksheera.
  • Yoni dhoopana was done during intense contractions.
  • Nasika choorna for inhalation was administered thrice at an interval of 5-6min.
  • She delivered normally, an alive male baby at 5:27 am. Baby cried immediately after delivery. The placenta was expelled out at 5:37am, wholly intact. Bleeding was normal.
  • Perineal dressing was done with jathyadi taila, haritaki churna and ghrita.
  • A pad soaked with yastimadhu ghrita was kept inside the vagina.
  • Massage with Dhanwantaram taila was done around the umbilicus of the mother and abdomen was tightly wrapped.
  • Ghrita siddha yavagu with panchakola churna was given to the mother twice a day and vajrakanjika was administered in the afternoon. Both of these above diet will help in reducing pain following delivery & improve production & secrection of breast milk. It also helps in correction of digestive fire & relieves fatigue.
  • The mother & baby should be properly looked & cared after for 45 days following labour & the mother should be advised to follow a specific diet pattern & regimen.

Mother ( Srividya) was very particular about following the monthly regimen prescribed by Ayurveda & took only Ayurvedic medications during the course of her pregnancy & she had also came regularly for ANC checkups.

Dr. Prema I Bhat

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