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Human problems in modern era are enormous and their manifestations varied much in the degree of distress and disability. The present day life is full of competition; every individual wants to heighten one’s own self esteem and rears a lot of expectations from one’s own self and the world around. When such expectations are not fulfilled the person undergoes frustration, depression, stress, leading to many of psychiatric disorders in almost all the societies. These disorders affect every sphere of life including the family, marriage, and recreation, management of finances, law, and public life and even in sexual activity too.

To cope up with these psychological problems people turn to different types of systems, different drugs which boost the mind to increase intellect. At this context, Ayurveda, the science of life has an answer to psychological disorders. Acharyas have described certain rules and regulations to be followed by person to keep up of a sound mind in sound body. They are includes Sattvavajaya chikitsa, Rasayana therapy, Sadvritta and Achara rasayana .

Definition of Achara rasayana : Achara rasayana literally means physical and mental conducts of man. This ia a measure having no involvement of drigs. If it is sincerely adopted in the day to day practice, it may replenish and maintain the total life process free from ailments. Achara rasayana is the mental hygiene to be followed by definite methods to lead on ideal ethical way of living.

Description of achara rasayana : Achara rasayana has been described by Charaka in the first chapter of chikitsa sthana.

  1. Always speak the truth
  2. Should be free from anger
  3. Should not indulge in taking alcohol and excessive sexual intercourse
  4. Should not hurt no one mentally, physically and even by action
  5. Should avoid over strain
  6. Always keep the mental balance in any situation. Do not lose your temper. Be calm and Peaceful mind
  7. Always speak sweet words. Sweet words always calm and quite one’s mind. It is a mental sedative.
  8. Remember always the creature of the universe ( GOD)
  9. Be courageous and do not lose patience in any situation
  10. Speak with others kindly with a smiling face and gentle behavior.
  11. Should take food daily along with milk and ghee
  12. Should have balanced state in walking and having sound sleep
  13. Maintain always cleanliness
  14. Respect your teachers, priests, elders, gurus and all non – wild animals
  15. Always take care of others feelings and behave accordingly
  16. Heartily love the poor and dependants
  17. Be kind and sympathetic to all creatures. As love and kindness are mental food, we can nourish the minds of others by such behavior
  18. Devote yourself to God and see God in other people
  19. Always give something to others
  20. Do all good things in society and avoid bad one’s
  21. Do not criticize or show cruelty to others
  22. Sleep as long as the body requires it for the maintenance of health
  23. Know properly the nature of the place you live in and understand the trend of the times you are passing through.
  24. Always try to extricate yourself out of a fix, instead of giving it up as hopeless
  25. Concentrate your mind on the nature of the soul and its relation to that of the universe
  26. Always follow the ways of the people who believes God
  27. Do not allow energies to be wasted in useless activities
  28. Always act as prescribed for you in your scriptures
  29. Respect and serve the people who have conquered their senses
  30. Continually study new sciences, advances, researches and philosophies and utilize them for the benefit of all human beings.

Achara rasayana is means to acquire rasayana effect through social and personal conducts.

Achararasayana may be spoken in three aspects:

  1. Personal behavior – speaking always truth, not getting angry easily, avoiding alcohol intake etc…
  2. Social behavior – non-violence, speaking nicely and sweet words, respecting elders, teachers, Brahmans, and cows etc..
  3. Satvika ahara and vihara – daily consumption of ghee and milk and having proper sleep and not awakening in night unnecessarily.

Mode of action: Achara Rasayana may act as a Rasayana in three dimensions:

  1. In improving the personality
  2. In improving the social relationship
  3. In improving the physical health

Achara rasayana enhances the psycho-neuro- immunity. Achararasayana helps the individual in understanding the society and to know the role of an individual in society.

Conclusion: The behavioral conducts or moral or mental hygiene are the effective preventive principles for the psychological disorders, especially at primordial and primary prevention levels, these can be propagated through interventions like individual education, mass education and can be co-opted as a compulsory in syllabus of primary and higher education to achieve health for all incoming future.

*Dr. P.Sudhakar reddy, Professor, Dept.of Swasthavritta
JSS Ayurveda Medical College, Mysore-28

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